I had a lot of fun time using the wordpress app. The title was in the polar region which i had to talk about. I learnt how to make a blog and how that can also be one of the ways it can communicate with all of the society. I learnt all new and exciting things and adventures about polar region. I even had a tagline for it that was-“Resist the cold,become a survivor”. I really learnt about the biome which is the polar region.

So i leave again this with you-“Resist the cold,become a survivor.”

Polar Regions

There are many biomes which are found on the earth which are-

  • Temperate decideous forest
  • Woodland
  • Desert
  • Tundra
  • Chapparel
  • Polar region,e.t.c

The ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment….

The ecosystems consist of abiotic and biotic things. Biotic things are living things and the abiotic things are the non-living things.

The biome which I am going to talk about with you is the polar region.

The polar regions of the earth,also known as the frigid zones,are the regions of the earth surrounding its geographical poles(the North and the South poles).

These regions are dominated by earth’s polar ice caps,the northern resting on the Artic ocean and the sourthern on the continent of Antarctica.

The climate-

Polar regions receive less intense solar radiation than the other parts of Earth because the sun’s energy arrives at an oblique angle,spreading over a larger area,and also travels a longer distance through the earth’s atmosphere in which it may be absorbed,scatterd or reflected,which is the same thing that causes winters to be colder than the rest of the year in temeperate areas.

The animals found in the polar regions are-

  • Polar bear
  • Arctic fox
  • Reindeer
  • Musk fox
  • Gray wolf
  • Walrus

Climate change and global warming have had the biggest impact on the polar regions, as the increasing temperature causes more and more ice to melt. In 1961, the Antarctic Treaty was signed which prevents Antarctica from being commercially exploited. Sadly, protecting the Arctic is a very different case as mining for oil and minerals, fishing….

Humans are overfishing that is the humans are fishing for fishes more than you can think.

They are also polluting the environment that is they are extending the toxics on the polar regions.

They are doing oil and gas development that is they are spilling it in the polar regions.

The WWF is protecting the wildlife and is adapting to the climate change.

I hope you love the post i have published right now.

I am leaving you with this tagline that is Resist the cold,become a survivor

Leaving you with love……